miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

Middle Week*

Good morning everyone!
Today's wednesday, this means only two days left for the weekend!
Do you remember I told you I had a lot of work to do? Well, I still have it, and I will until the 20th of june, but I don't mind, I like keeping myself busy, and all that work matters if I want to finish my studies before summer!

I've been attending to all of my classes at university and I'm working right now on a really interesting research about Justice in the spanish jurisdiction, I'm supposed to make an oral exposition about that next week, I'm even taking an exam next week...

But this doesnt mean I'm completely out of society! My bff arrives to Madrid tomorrow evening and I'm planning a ladies night on friday with her and some other friends, I'm also giving a dinner party for my beloved friends M and B and finally I'm determined to finish organizing my wardrobe before Sunday!

This morning while bloggin' I found the following images. It's something I adore, how some artists play with the colours of the food to create this incredible pictures...



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